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 Useful Links, Books and Suppliers
There are now lots of wildlife gardening companies, suppliers and books for wildlife gardeners to choose from, as well as organisations and other websites that promote wildlife gardening.  Here are some recommendations.

Bird Food and Feeders

JustAddBirds is a new and innovative bird food company, with a website that is fun to use as well as educational.  We would love to encourage younger people to feed their garden birds - Jenny, Nicky and Steve, who run the company, were wildlife enthusiasts as children.  For Jenny this initial encounter with wildlife led to not just her life-long passion for all things wild, but her interest culminated in a research degree in Ecology at Oxford University.  Try our JABulator (the bird food calculator on JustAddBirds) to find out how you can best feed the species in your garden, and attract even more birds.  Jenny is a Director of this company and their 'garden bird expert'.

Plants, Seeds and Bulbs

Emorsgate Seeds is the best supplier of native wildflower seeds.  They supply mixtures for meadows and a wide selection of individual species.  www.wildseed.co.uk

Paul Bromfield Aquatics have an excellent selection of pond and bog plants, including many native wildflowers, with quick mail order delivery. www.bromfieldaquatics.co.uk  

HabitatAid sells high quality products and services which help create beautiful habitats for wildlife in gardens and larger areas. Half of the profits go to specialist charities working to protect and promote biodiversity in Britain. www.habitataid.co.uk

John Shipton supplies good quality native bulbs and some wildflower plants.  www.bluebellbulbs.co.uk

Chiltern Seeds have seeds of many pollinator-friendly cottage garden plants.  www.chilternseeds.co.uk

British Wildflower Plants is a well established plant nursery supplying good quality native plants, plugs and seeds of over 300 native species.  www.wildflowers.co.uk

Information, Organisations and other Websites

Low Impact is a non-profit organisation created to provide information, training, products & services to help people adopt a more sustainable lifestyle with a wealth of information on their website on topics from transport to wildlife gardening. www.lowimpact.org

The British Trust for Ornithology has a brilliant website with lots of information about UK birds including advice for feeding the birds in your garden and putting up nest boxes. www.bto.org

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is dedicated to conserving the UK's bumblebees.  Their website has information on identifying these insects and advice on how to attract them to your garden.  www.bumblebeeconservation.org

Amphibian and Reptile Conservation deals with all aspects of these animals and the habitats they live in.  www.arc-trust.org

If you are interested in identifying the moths you may find in your garden or just want to see wonderful pictures of these beautiful insects, visit www.ukmoths.org.uk

Flora Locale is an organisation that promotes the wise use of native flora for planting projects, and campaigns to safeguard our native flora.  You can find out much more about their work on www.floralocale.org 

If you are interested in conservation on a more global scale visit the website of the World Land Trust on www.worldlandtrust.org for information on education, projects overseas and conservation news and issues.  You can also help them to protect rainforests and other wildlife habitats. 

If you are Gardening in the U.S. the website www.wildlifegardening.org has appropriate information with a variety of links to other sites and pages on managing lawns, growing perennials rather than annuals, incorporating native plants and the value of water in the garden.

Wildlife Gardening Books

There are now lots of wildlife gardening books available in bookshops. Here are four of the best that I recommend to participants on my courses.

How to Make a Wildlife Garden by Chris Baines. This book is now a classic and has been revised and updated.  

Gardening for Birds by Stephen Moss.   An excellent book by a professional with a real interest in the subject. Garden bird identification, month by month in the garden, plants for birds etc. 

Creating a Wildlife Garden by Bob and Liz Gibbons. A book with lots of good ideas and beautiful photos. (sadly now out of print, but sometimes available second-hand and worth searching for.) 

Gardening for Wildlife from the RSPB by Adrian Thomas.  Good photos and great advice in bite-sized chunks. 

You can also see a selection of Wildlife Gardening Books by Jenny Steel here.   These can be found on Amazon or bought directly from Jenny.  Books bought directly can be signed or have a dedication..


Text and photographs Jenny Steel 2017